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Experience Fabrika’s Nightvibe!

When the sun sets, Fabrika transforms into a vibrant nightlife lounge that pulses with energy and excitement. Enjoy crossover music across all genres, enhanced by captivating video mixing that elevates the atmosphere.


Whether you’re into singing along to your favorite tunes, or just soaking up the vibe, Fabrika has it all. While dancing isn’t our main feature, guests often find themselves irresistibly drawn to the rhythm.


For those looking to elevate their night, bottle service is available. Most of our dinner guests find themselves staying for the late-night vibe, transitioning seamlessly from a delightful meal to an engaging lounge experience.


We pride ourselves on providing a safe and stylish environment—ideal for a mature, sophisticated crowd that appreciates great music and a well-dressed scene.


Unlike typical nightclubs, Fabrika Lounge offers a refreshing blend of entertainment where you can relax and request your favorite songs for a personalized touch.


Come for the unique experience and stay for the unforgettable vibe!


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